Welcome to the Voth Research Group in the Department of Physics at Wesleyan University.

Our research involves experimental studies of the dynamics of soft-condensed matter and fluid systems. Current experiments use high speed video imaging to measure particle trajectories in granular and turbulent flows.

Research Highlights, click for more details

3D measurements of flow between oscillating grids: Two grids oscillate through water creating fascinating turbulent flows. High speed measurements are taken to determine properties universally true for turbulence.

Transient Dynamics of Granular Gasses: We are exploring whether granular hydrodynamic models that have been successful in describing steadily driven granular gasses can also predict the dynamics during gravitational collapse. In a quasi-2D granular gas driven by vertical vibration we can measure the trajectories of every particle in the system. We hope to uncover details about how the hydrodynamic models begin to fail as the system approaches the dense static state.